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Jennea Wood

Jennea Wood
Tummy Temple
4520 Intelco Loop SE, 3A
(206) 729-6211
Tummy Temple

I offer naturopathic medicine, constitutional homeopathy, specialized lab testing, cranial sacral therapy, colon hydrotherapy, and decongestive lymphatic therapy.

My work best serves people struggling with chronic illness who are seeking guidance and support in searching for root causes, discovering what is not serving them and moving toward making changes. I have had good success in supporting people with varied illnesses including eczema, allergies and asthma, all manner of gastrointestinal conditions, thyroid and autoimmune diseases in moving toward greater freedom from suffering and increasing health and vitality.

I have a gift for bringing gentleness and a heart-centered approach to medicine. People who are sensitive on a physical, mental and emotional level tend to appreciate my approach and my disposition.

My path to natural medicine started with spending my childhood exploring the natural world, and with being raised by parents who knew the importance of healthy eating, movement, relaxation and fun. Naturopathic medicine is the perfect outlet for my curiosity and thirst for learning, my fascination and inspiration with the elegance of human physiology and my joy in witnessing the innate healing capacity of the body, mind and spirit. I feel so blessed to be able to walk alongside each of my patients on their healing journey.

8 weekends over 2 years (’13-’14) and 8 weekends over 2 years (’18-’19)

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Jennea Wood