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Thoughts on the Treatment of Pain & the Ongoing Opioid Crisis

Anyone who listens to, reads or watches the news, knows that there is a galloping opioid crisis in America. In 2012, 259 million physician prescriptions were given for opioids, more than plenty to for each American adult to hold their own bottle of pills.(1) More to the point, 4 of 5 five new heroin users began their addiction roller coaster misusing prescription painkillers.(2)

It’s not only important for prescribing practices to change, which is happening state by state, we also need to be able to offer patients better options in pain management and options that work! If you’d like to read further on the topic of the opioid epidemic and natural medicine perspective, see the pieces below

We are increasingly motivated to help and support our patients who suffer with all manner of physical pain, including to help prevent their starting on opioid medications, which when absolutely indicated and used judiciously, can be very useful. But there are so many ways it can go wrong and patients can easily become addicted.

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