New England School of Homeopathy

NESH 8-Weekend Course 2018-2019: Vancouver, Canada

The New England School of Homeopathy will be offering our 8 Weekend Develop Expertise in Homeopathy Course in Portland, Oregon beginning January 2018 taught by Drs. Paul Herscu and Amy Rothenberg. We’ve heard from many of you in British Columbia expressing desire to do a full course of study with NESH closer to home. As such we are considering offering a parallel course in Vancouver if there is enough interest.

What we need from you:

1)    If you are interested in an 8 Weekend NESH Homeopathy Course being offered in Vancouver, please contact us right away. Be sure to include your full name, mailing address, phone number, and email address. If you are a student, also include your school, degree, and graduation date. We will keep you updated on the course details. If you have contacted us already but have not heard back, please touch base with us again.

2)    Please spread the word and share this information with colleagues, friends, study/social media groups, organizations, etc. interested in homeopathy in the BC/Vancouver area. This course will only happen if there are enough folks enrolled. We hope to make this decision as soon as possible and need to gauge if the level of interest is high enough to move forward.

8 Weekend Course Information:
– Course will start in early 2018 and run through mid-2019 (specific dates and venue yet to be determined).
– We meet for a Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday every other month (skipping the summer months).
– Course is designed for both experienced homeopaths as well as beginners.
Here is what others have said about studying with NESH.

Paul Herscu ND, MPH and Amy Rothenberg ND, well-known authors, lecturers and original thinkers in this field, are both 1986 graduates of the National College of Naturopathic Medicine and have taught the art and science of homeopathy to 1000’s of practitioners in the US & abroad for going on 30 years.

The New England School of Homeopathy is the longest continuous training program of classical homeopathy in the US and emphasizes the Herscu method of Cycles and Segments, which informs all aspects of practice. Cycles and Segments is a tool which allows us to help our patients more efficiently and with better results; it enables us to focus case-taking and offers a practical way of organizing and analyzing information gathered. This approach also allows for the satisfying study of materia medica which is deep and integrated without the cumbersome memorization of long lists of individual symptoms. You can read more here, including links to two free webinars.

Please spread the word. Ask folks to contact us directly to express their interest and to get more information. Hopefully together we can bring NESH to Vancouver!!!