New England School of Homeopathy

Welcome to the NESH Proving Website

Here is the information you will need in order to access the site. Please read all instructions first before going to the site. When you are ready, click on the link below.

Once you are there you will be asked for the following information:

First Name: type “herscu”
Last Name: type “letter”
Code: type “3545”

Please select your Proving name: pull down the selections and choose “letr”

Once you are there, enter trial information and search to your content. This particular code and site is set up only for you as a trial. If you are interested in actually conducting a proving please contact us.

This code will be used by many people. Do not assume that things you enter will be un-touched by other people. Do not be surprised if you log on the next day and something you have typed in is not there or has been changed.

Click here now to go to the Proving site