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I am pleased to have the opportunity to share a bit about my 2014, which by most anyone’s account would be considered a bit of a dud. But due to a combination of an uncanny ability to make lemonade from lemons and decades cultivating habits of resilience, I actually got a lot out of my crazy cancer year. There were some significant bumps in the road, don’t get me wrong; but I knew when I entitled my first Huffington Post piece on the topic, Say Goodbye to the Girls, I was probably going to be just fine. For a full accounting, read my 2014 blog postings here:

Some of these pieces were written some years ago and are put here for completion’s sake.

Articles on Medium by Amy Rothenberg, ND

What Else To Do During Cancer Care? – July 2018

You Finished Treatment, Now What?: A Nine Part Series for Cancer Survivors / Thrivers from Your Licensed Naturopathic Doctor (will add links to each part as it is published).

Part 1: Introduction and Exercise (January 8, 2019)
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:
Part 7:
Part 8:
Part 9:

Article on Thrive Global by Amy Rothenberg, ND 

Clarity & a Peaceful Heart
The Importance of The Head Game for Cancer Survivors – July 2018

Huffington Post Blogs by Amy Rothenberg, ND 

Naturopathic Oncology – January 2014

Say Goodbye to the Girls – February 2014

There Goes the Hair – April 2014

Positively Radiant: Naturopathic Medicine Approaches to Complement Radiation Therapy – July 2014

BRCA Test and Re-Test – September 2014

Angelina’s Choice – March 2015

Naturopathic Medicine Week, Some Videos to Share – October 2015  (In honor of National Naturopathic Medicine Week, I am posting here a number of videos related to naturopathic medicine and integrative cancer care. This taping was done right after I completed treatment for breast cancer in the summer of 2014)

Breast Cancer Awareness Month & National Naturopathic Medicine Week – October 2017

Articles published in Homeopathy Today, by the National Center for Homeopathy

Facing Cancer … What Can We Do?
Taking an integrative approach: Homeopathic treatment for people with cancer.
By Amy Rothenberg, ND
May/June 2008

A Powerful Tool
Using homeopathy during conventional cancer care
By Amy Rothenberg, ND
Summer 2014

Articles published in the New England Journal of Homeopathy

An Ethical Dilemma
Spring/Summer 2000
Highlights of a discussions by NESH students and graduates on the ethical issues involved in treating patients with cancer that refuse other allopathic treatments.

Weakness and Shortness of Breath, in Patient with Terminal Pancreatic Cancer with Metastis to Liver
Fall/Winter 2000
By Amy Rothenberg, ND